In order to run a business and to make all its approaches government-approved, VAT registration is the ultimate way to enlist your business with the government. In other words, it can be said that after the VAT registration, you are adequate for the VAT return and it can bring lots of other benefits to your business.

But operating VAT related tasks and become successful at the first move is not so easy and a lot of small to medium business companies find it difficult and fail to ensure all the potential benefits. Actually, small to medium business owners have a lot of additional duties to perform and that’s why in this situation taking help from accounting firms to ensure company VAT return is fruitful. No doubt business financial tasks are complicated and require high sincerity and expertise to get properly performed. And all these you can get only from the reliable accounting firms.

There are a lot of accounting firms all across the world and all of them, claim the ability to provide high-quality service. But to get the best services you have to choose the best one carefully.

Do the small businesses need to register for VAT?

Well, this is a valid point to evaluate. Generally, the companies which have ‘taxable turnover’ of more than £85000, need to register for VAT through HMRC. But a lot of small businesses, even the start-ups choose to register for VAT. And there are sound benefits too.

VAT return is an integral task for the registered companies. Here companies need to calculate how much VAT should be paid to HMRC. In a year, a company needs to submit the VAT returns four times.


If you are not willing to take this hassle for four times in a year and perform related tasks then just hand over the task to a reliable local accounting firm and enjoy the benefits. There are a lot of benefits which you can enjoy from VAT registration by an accounting firm. Not only VAT registration, but also VAT return and a lot of other tax-related tasks, you can easily accomplish with the help of professionals.

Benefits of VAT registration for SME

Easy Reclaim- First of all, through this process, you can easily reclaim some of the VAT on the goods and services bought by your business. If you have registered your business before reaching the turnover of £85000 then after the growth, you don’t have to spend and deal with the hassle to adjust your charges in order to include VAT returns.

Shun the Financial Penalties- being a busy business owner, keeping a close eye on the turnover is not possible and that can add penalties. When the turnover creeps over the threshold then get sure you are going to pay penalties. But you can easily avoid this hassle with the professionals as they keep the entire thing complication-free through voluntary VAT registration.

Improve the business profile- a small business or a start-up needs to compete against the Big Boys of the industry and in that huge competition, paving a strong base is not so easy. But if you enable the VAT registration, then automatically stakeholders get the sense of your genuine business approaches and take interest. And this really helps the small businesses to grow.

Hassle-free business dealings- if your approaches are not government-approved then why suppliers and other organizations will take interest to work with you? Most of the suppliers and organizations do not prefer to work with the companies which are not VAT registered. But if you complete your company VAT registration properly then automatically you will get a lot of willing stakeholders.

Recover the past- professional accounting firms can help you to reclaim and recover VAT from the last four years. It is noticed that a lot of companies which are in the field for a while and haven’t reached the threshold they too can reclaim the VAT if they keep proper VAT invoices and records.


How to register for VAT and ensure VAT returns?

Registering VAT seems difficult to a lot of people and in this case, contacting professionals for complete help is beneficial. It is noticed that due to problems and issues associated with VAT registration, a lot of small to medium businesses take help from reliable local accounting firms.


Local accounting firms offer a complete guide to Vat returns and with them, you can easily register online. It is noticed that a lot of people failed at complete the VAT registration for the first time but you can be successful on the first move with the help of professionals. Most of the local accounting firms hire the expert employees with years of experience. And that’s why you can stay relax that with the firms, you can register securely without any interruption.

The best local accounting firm for complete VAT Return services

If you are in the UK then the solution is at your doorstep. Subtilis Accountancy, a local accounting firm can best help you here. All the employees of this firm are highly expert and have years of practical experience. And they will help you best to complete your registration and ensure company VAT return online.


Actually, a lot of small to medium business owners often let the overseas accounting firms to complete the VAT registration and other accounting services. But this can be a great threat to you. Sharing your financial data to any overseas company can squander the data and you may lose the important files. But when it comes to local accounting firms then you can stay relax, all your financial data will be secure and they perform best to satisfy their local clients.

So, if you are planning for VAT registration and completing other accounting tasks then hire a local firm but before that do proper research and communicate with the service providers to ensure the best quality and error-free services. With Subtilis Accountancy, you can enjoy the best quality services at the reasonable charges. It has satisfied a lot of clients and now waiting for you!