Cashflow Forecast

Cashflow forecasting is a process that sets an estimate of the money your business may need to spend and take over the next 12 months, although it can also be calculated for shorter periods like 6 months.

With our tailored cashflow forecast, we can help you understand how much you will gain depending on your investment in different projects. At the same time, this forecast will help you understand whether you need to hire an extra employee or replace the manpower with automation process to cut the budget.

Our cashflow forecasting services includes:

accurate, tailored forecasting for your business
tax preparation
insight of how to set a budget to maintain a stable cashflow
guidance to help your business meet its forecast

As part of this service, we will:

estimate your sales
review your payment processes
review and predict likely costs (i.e. materials, rent, employee payments)

Our cashflow forecasting service will help you to keep your business balanced, so you can continue to grow.


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