VAT stands for Value Added Tax, which is actually a consumption tax applied to the purchase of certain products or services. Every single person, as well as companies which buy some products as well as services, need to pay VAT. However, just like filing the tax returns, the corporate companies need to file VAT returns as well.

This matter may not appear as a trouble for the large-scale companies or conglomerates but the small businesses may not go with the idea perfectly. Finding a person or a group of people, who understand all the technical matters related to VAT return services for small business is a hectic process. Therefore, it will be wise to collaborate with a company that excels in this field.

How to find such a company?

If you are not very comfortable with the idea of outsourcing your accounting process, you can consider the local accounting service providers. As an example, if your business is located in Hertfordshire, you should better look out for an accounting-support providing company in that region. From the security-perspective, it can be mentioned that the accounting or financial data of your company will not be leaked. At the same time, as that accounting company belongs from the same area, it will be easier for them to understand your financial concerns. Therefore, rather than outsourcing the accounting project, you can take the help of the local accounting service providing companies to get yourself some help related to filing the VAT return.

Is VAT return for a small company a complex task?

You need to understand how the VAT return services for small business works. As a business or a service provider, your company either sells different sorts of products or provides services. A small business can certainly change VAT on sold goods or services if it is VAT registered. All the businesses need to register themselves for VAT. HMRC says, if the annual turnover of a company passes beyond £85,000, it needs to register for VAT.
Now, for any solopreneur, it is quite difficult to handle the accounting systems and its processes alone. You may be a good business person with a sharp business mind, but that may not help you understand all the parts of the accounting systems. As it has been mentioned before, if you are not comfortable with the idea of outsourcing the accounting process, you can take the suggestions from a leading local accounting service providing company that may help you solve your troubles.
The company can let you know what kind of VAT return service will be wise for your business. There are several VAT schemes but the below are likely to apply to small businesses.

Cash accounting scheme, where you have to pay the VAT only when your customers pay it to you.
Flat rate scheme, which allows you to calculate the VAT payment percentage and file your VAT return.
Annual accounting VAT allows you to make either three quarterly or nine monthly interim payments after which, at the end of the year, you can receive the balancing refund.

If all these things appear difficult to you, you can take help of the distinct VAT return service offered by Hertfordshire-based accounting company Subtilis Accountancy. The company offers you its distinct service that may ease your headache on filing the VAT returns.