What You Must Do As a Construction Industry Scheme Contractor

CIS or Construction Industry Scheme is one of the most important factors set by HMRC, where a contractor needs to register itself (may be a person or an organisation). As far as the taxation is concerned, the contractors will deduct money from the payments of the subcontractors to pay the HMRC. As a contractor, an individual, as well as a company, needs to bear the load of filing the CIS, as well as CIS returns to HMRC.

It is suggested that rather than bearing with the extra burden of bearing the CIS tax filing-related matters, it will be wise to outsource the task of CIS return online Hertfordshire to the local experts.

What do the CIS contractors need to do?

The contractors need to register themselves according to the rules and regulations of HMRC. If the contractors pay the subcontractors to do the construction related works or pay over a million GBP on construction purpose, they will be accountable to file CIS taxes. The amount of the taxes will be deducted from the payable amounts to the subcontractors. It is not mandatory for the subcontractors to register under CIS rules, but that may cost them more money as the deductions from the payable amounts will be at a higher rate for the unregistered subcontractors rather than their registered counterparts.


However, it is better to look forward to the responsibilities of a CIS contractor. As a contractor, you need to check out –

Whether the subcontractors are registered
The rules and regulations regarding recruiting the subcontractors
How much money needs to be deducted from the payments of the subcontractors for filing CIS

Who would be covered by CIS?

In technical terms, the “mainstream” contractors are covered by CIS. In that category, there are –

The builders
Various labour agencies
Property developers (especially registered companies)

However, there are some exceptions that you should know. They are –

Construction works by some charity or trusts does not come under CIS regulations
Constructions for educational purposes and financially supported by any educational authority can also legally evade CIS
If the construction is taking place in a subcontractor’s own property and if they cost less than 1,000 GBP
Any construction that does not mean to be used for business purpose

What do the contractors need to fulfil the criteria?

In order to verify the details of the subcontractors, the contractors, as well as the financial experts (who will work on behalf of the contractors) will check out whether the contractors have –

Unique Taxpayer Reference
Reference number issued by the HMRC
The employer reference verified by HMRC
Legal business names for the subcontractors
UTR (Unique Taxpayer Reference) for the subcontractors
Company registration number and the national insurance number


Will all these help filing the CIS return properly?

In order to ensure that you are eligible to file CIS taxes and CIS returns, the criteria should be matched. However, for a small or local business, it would be easier to file CIS return with the help of local financial aids. As an example, if the business is located at Hertfordshire, the experts will help the clients file CIS tax return in Hertfordshire. It will be easier from the perspective of the clients and the contractors. In fact, the experts can let the contractors or the companies know how much they need to deduct from the payments of the subcontractors to pay the CIS tax to HMRC.

Would outsourcing CIS tax filing pose any trouble?

Outsourcing the financial law-related matters to the local service providers does not pose a threat to the clients. On the contrary, they will be benefitted by the suggestions from the experts regarding CIS tax returns. Nowadays, as most of the taxation procedures have been modified, the experts may also help clients understand how to handle the cloud-based accounting software systems for CIS return online Hertfordshire. There are accounting aids that can provide proper training for CIS tax returns to the existing employees, especially the contractors and the subcontractors working for the clients. It will help the clients, as well as the contractors and subcontractors, understand how the CIS tax return process of HMRC works. With proper training, filing the CIS tax returns will be easier as well.

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