In the modern business era, the businessmen are taking up the hassle-free steps that will not only help them garner the best for their business but also will increase the chances for growth development of the business. Coming to that part, for a business to prosper properly it is highly important for you to invest the right time, money and give your taxes and maintain the financial aspects of the business properly without any delay.

Most of the businessmen as well as the sole traders these days are looking forward to the option of opting for outsourcing their accounting services. Working on the accounting part in-house takes away the precious time that can be put to use for the development of the core of the business. So instead, the businesses either opt for bookkeeping software or online accounting services to help them out.

Before getting deep into the difference between the same, let us garner some basic knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping.

1. Basic of Bookkeeping –

Bookkeeping is mainly related to identifying, measuring, and recording financial transactions.
When it comes to decision making, the management will not be able to formulate a decision based on the data that is provided through bookkeeping service.
The main objective of bookkeeping is that to keep in the record, all the financial transaction of the business in a proper and systematic manner.
When it comes to the preparation of the financial statements, it is not prepared in the part of the process.
There is no requirement of any particular skill set for bookkeeping. and does not need any sort of analysis too.
When it comes to the types of bookkeeping, it is mainly of two types – single entry and double entry bookkeeping.
Bookkeepers are required to be accurate in their work and knowledgeable about financial topics. Bookkeepers work is usually overseen by an accountant.

2. Basic of Accounting –

Accounting is the process of summarizing, interpreting, and communicating financial transactions which were classified in the ledger account
When it comes to decision making, depending upon the data provided by the accountants, the management takes the leap of coming to a critical business solution.
The objective of accounting is to gauge the financial situation and further communicate the information to the relevant authorities
The financial statements are formulated during the process of accounting.
For the implementing of accounting, special skills are required due to its analytical and complex nature. Accounting uses bookkeeping as analysis, for interpreting the data and compiling them into reports.
The accounting department does preparations for a company’s budgets and plans loan proposals
Accountants with sufficient experience and education can obtain the title of Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

But now the question arises as to which is the better? Should you go for bookkeeping software or online accounting services? There are pros and cons to both the aspects. But it is you who is going to formulate the final conclusion.

Online bookkeeping software
Let us commence with knowing the aspects of bookkeeping software.
There are numerous places to garner online bookkeeping services as that has come to limelight in the course of the developing years. There are many reasons for taking up bookkeeping software for business, but then there are side effects too.

Pros of online bookkeeping software

Simple data entry

The entering of the data is quite simple. It gets formulated to the accounting data where most of the business owners are astounded. There is not much of the time taken. And once if understood can be conducted on your own.

Presents data visually

The main aspect of the bookkeeping software is to keep all your data in one place, one screen. That means you are entitled to view the reports and analyse on the profit and loss, debtors and creditors, customer accounts, inventory counts, sales and forecasting. See, even that is so simple and effective too.

Integration with other systems

Accounting software has also another benediction. If for a day you tend to decide to not use the software anymore but hire experts online, or you might need the data for any reason, the only thing that you need to perform is to log in and garner all your data and backups directly through the software.

Cons of accounting bookkeeping software

Business owners need to do all the data entry themselves

When it comes to taking up the accounting software, you need to know that no one else will be able to take the access of the software apart from you. It is you who needs to make the decision on what is and is not tax deductible.
This means that you need to curate your own invoices and expenses and also know the proper set of rules surrounding the tax and accounting treatment of things. While there are certain people who might not have a problem with this, but when it comes to the majority most of the people are looking forward to investing their time into running their business, generate new ideas for the growth and development. And just not faffing around with the receipts.

Learning how to use the software

Learning the software is another most important aspect that you need to grasp. Becoming familiar with the software will be taking a lot of time and effort. If you are used to manual accounting, this process is going to take your time to understand and inculcate. It takes time to switch over to software usage, which can delay accounts processing.

Doesn’t recognise specialist needs

If there is a need for a specialist, you might need someone with the proper surface for accounting services. Software doesn’t present the opportunity for this to be an option. Every business is unique – something which accounting software doesn’t recognise.

Online accountants

Pros of using online accountants


Receive monthly advice and support from real people

The reputed accounting firm will hire the best and certified experts who are well knowledgeable in their field of work. The accountants will be reviewing and auditing your accounts. They will be fully understanding the business process and will be able to formulate the best business advice as well as budget policy.

You will also be entitled be take up outsource vat return services. The online accountant will be including all the factors related to the financial aspects of your business. This will include reviewing your receipts and invoices, deciding on the best way to account for them, and providing advice throughout the year to keep you compliant and tax efficient.

You don’t have to deal with HMRC

You will not have to worry about the HMRC terms and conditions. The experts are well aware of the updates and the relatable factors. This will safeguard you from the costly fines and other hassles which you do not want, obviously be a part of.

Using both technology and human expertise

Business owners, contractors and sole traders can all benefit from the simple and easy-to-use nature of online software, while also having their own account manager to oversee everything. This means you can benefit from all the pros that online accounting brings, while also receiving human expertise. It’s a winning combination.

Cons of using accountants

When it comes to gathering all the documents of your business proceedings, it is you who has to provide the details to the accountant.
This is a no-brainer, and still would be a necessary step while using accounting bookkeeping software.

Final Words –
When it comes to online accounting, you will not be able to find much of the cons there. As you will be receiving the benefit of both software and experts techniques and advice respectively. The audits, reviews and the final reporting is thoroughly checked and then presented to you so that you will not have to face any problems.
So, that’s why when you tend to collaborate with companies like Subtilis Accountancy, it is better. We’re not just giving you a bit of software and leaving you to hope for the best. We’re getting down into the nitty-gritty of your bookkeeping and accountants all-year round.