When you are planning to run a construction company, you need to think about two specific factors – a) appointing or recruiting the employees, b) using proper accounting methods for business accounting. Both of the tasks are tedious yet important for businesses. Irrespective of the size and span of a business, it can be mentioned that all sorts of business owners need the help of experts at a certain point.


However, as the question is regarding quantity surveyors, it would be wise to put the light on that job category. A quantity surveyor is included in the construction industries where the expert knowledge regarding the construction costs and the related contracts matter most. According to HMRC, for any construction-related task for your business (if your business is involved in that kind of work or if you are spending money for the construction of your own business), you have to pay CIS tax and accordingly file CIS returns.

Can quantity surveyors manage CIS returns?
It is difficult for the quantity surveyors to file CIS tax as well as CIS returns. Therefore, subtle help from the local financial advisers is required to fulfill those tasks. The quantity surveyors do calculate costs as their responsibilities include –

Cost consulting and estimating
Value determination
Risk management as well as financial calculations related to risk factors for certain businesses
Dispute resolution
Asset capitalization
Project management and many other technical factors


It clearly shows that it would be an extra burden for the quantity surveyors to manage tax and return filing related tasks. Therefore, a prominent support from the financial experts is highly recommended so that the working processes of the quantity surveyors do not get hampered by any chance.

What would the financial experts do?
Before answering the question, it will be wise to mention that in most of the cases various companies play the roles of quantity surveyors for their clients. Therefore, these service providing companies require registering themselves under VAT regulation systems proposed and drafted by HMRC. The financial experts can help these businesses (quantity surveyors) fulfill their requirements for VAT filing alongside VAT returns, CIS returns alongside self-assessment taxes.


How do the experts help?
The experts can do their best to meet the specific requirements of their clients. They need the accounting data of the clients to calculate VAT, CIS and other taxes. It would be wise for the clients to share their accounting details with a local accounting-service providing company to prevent the privacy of their businesses and other related matters. Nowadays, a number of companies prefer to outsource their projects to the overseas companies. It may curb the costs but over the period, it only increases troubles because overseas companies can hardly get with the financial laws of the country where the clients are located at. It may create troubles for the help-seeking companies.


That is the reason why it would be beneficial for the local companies, especially the quantity surveyors, to outsource their projects to the local accounting service providers, who can guide them with technical ideas and impromptu solutions regarding various taxation processes.