There are numerous reasons as to why you owe to have a tax refund or rebate from the HMRC. If you are earning and pay your taxes through PAYE, the calculation might have been incorrect. Or if your self-assessment tax return might have the errors meaning that you might have overpaid taxes.

That means you owe a tax return from the HMRC. It does take a procedure which you need to follow. Here you need to follow the following terms.


Tax Refund Processing Times

The answer to this question is quite difficult to answer. As it is the main delay that occurs between application for your estimate 2018 tax return and receiving the money depending on the processing of the HMRC’s current processing times.
In most of the obvious cases, the tax return policy gets issues within 8 to 12 weeks post receiving of your application. But the duration might vary. It may be longer or shorter.


It is possible to speed up tax rebate?

Though the matter is in the hands of the HMRC, there are few of the things that you can do to get your HMRC repayments gets issues faster.
Make sure that you have gained all of your relevant information and documented paperwork. It is important as the HMRC will not have to come back to you to get the information that they require.
Avoid the submission of your tax return application around the HMRC’s busiest periods. For instance, the self-assessment deadline goes to the end of January and the renewals of tax credits occur at the end of July.
A smaller amount like the ones under 1000 pounds will normally be processed quicker. But if there are larger amounts, it might require an extra level of checking which could result in a longer delay.


Tracking of my tax refund
Wondering of when should I get my tax return 2018? To find out the same regarding the duration of the tax return, it can be possible if you get in touch with the HMRC. Get in touch with them to know about the information and tracking of your tax returns and the period of time required.

Though, it is generally not worth contacting them before 5 weeks if you have applied your application online. Or might be 6 weeks, if you have submitted the same through a paper rebate request.

How long does it take to get paid for a tax rebate?

Once your tax has been authorised, the duration it takes for your HMRC repayment to be issued is normally relatively shorter. Though how long the period of time is going to take for your tax return will only be understood on the basis of how you will be paid –
If you are being paid directly into your bank account or through your credit or debit card, the usual processing of days will be nearly 5 working days.
If you are receiving the amount through cheque or payable order, the period of time takes up to 5 weeks.
If you have received a P800 notice telling you that you are due a tax refund and that you can claim this online, then you will receive the money directly into your bank account within 5 working days of the claim being made. However, if you do not claim online within 45 days, then you will receive a cheque within 60 days of the date on the P800.
If you are receiving a P800 notice telling you that you will be receiving the cheque. Then the arrival of the same will be within 14 days of the days of notice.

If you believe that you owed a tax return, and if your claim is complex, then it is recommended to engage in the services of an accountant or specialist tax advisor to assist you in compiling your rebate request. Companies like Subtilis Accountancy are there to formulate to your request. The experts will be carrying the information to know how long does a tax rebate tax, but your case will be significantly expedited if your claim is fully complete and thus easier for HMRC to process.